HOW OUR PROGRAM WORKS: is an advertisement site that offers earnings as an incentive to Members that advertise with us and to members that bring new advertisers to us.

Both FREE and Paid members earn from our site.

FREE Member Benefits:
Earn 50% ($5) commission on every purchase by your direct referral.
You may withdraw these earnings or use them to buy Advertising credits. Please note that 10% of your withdrawal will be moved automatically to re-purchase balance.

PAID Member Benefits: Each Purchase costs $10.

1. You get 10 Million Banner credits plus 10 Million text ad credits with each purchase.

2. You get 50%($5) commission on every purchase and re-purchase by your direct referral.

3. Paid members also automatically earn $0.50 per downline member i.e. (direct referrals, spillover from top and also from referrals of their referrals). It is structured as 5 member wide and 10 levels deep.

4. The maximum earning from one $10 Ad Block is $244,140.

Please note that 10% of your withdrawal will be moved automatically to re-purchase balance. This helps is speeding up your earnings and also increases your advertising credits.

We accept Skrill, Coinpayments, Paypal and Payeer. More processors will be added soon..

From one "$10 Ad Block Purchase", you get 10 Million Banner view credits plus 10 Million Text Ad view credits and an earnings of $244,140 based on the sales made by the site.

Minimum Balance to request payout is $20.

10% of all member earnings is transferred to "Re-Purchase Balance". This balance can be used to buy more Advertising Credits or to Upgrade(P.I.F) your referral in the program.

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